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Redefining Charity Together

Our Mission

Revolutionize how non-profits operate by fully democratizing philanthropy - allowing our members to ideate, vote, fund and oversee projects they care most about with complete transparency. Maximize every dollar's efficiency in achieving sustainable impact.


Our Projects.

Our Vision

To create a worldwide movement of engaged members united in using their voices, resources and passion to measurably improve the world in the area of animals, people and nature with a common theme to reach one million. One million trees, one million fish, one million sqm new coral or one million lives? We as a direct impact community will choose the best impact across various social and environmental causes.

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WHAT is it?

The Million Project is a real ‘Direct Impact Community’ striving as a collective bringing about sustainable, impactful change to nature, animals and humans through achievable goal oriented projects.

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WHY are we doing it?

Nothing will work without you!

As the world is changing at an alarming rate, the more we must have a collective ‘call to action’. To Impact where we can and change the way we address charity.

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HOW are we doing it?

We will create membership in which we aim to offer much to our members as well as a content rich platform, sharing the direction and voting al along the way.

Stay Updated or become a member

Thank You for Joining!

  • What is The Million Project?
    The Million Project is a global non-profit organization dedicated to driving positive change for people, animals, and the environment through innovative and impactful initiatives.
  • What is the mission of The Million Project
    The mission of The Million Project is to unite individuals, communities, and organizations worldwide to create a more sustainable and equitable future for all.
  • How does The Million Project achieve its goals?
    The Million Project achieves its goals through various initiatives, such as fundraising, community engagement, advocacy, and partnerships with like-minded organisations.
  • What areas does The Million Project focus on?
    The Million Project is dedicated to making a lasting, positive impact in three core areas: animals, nature, and people. We carefully design and implement thoughtful, well-researched projects that aim to be catalysts for long-term, sustainable change. Rather than focusing on short-term solutions, we strive to address the root causes of the challenges faced by animals, the environment, and communities. Our goal is to create enduring change that continues to make a difference long after our initial involvement.
  • What are the primary focus areas of The Million Project?
    The primary focus areas of The Million Project are centered around creating lasting impact: a. Sustainable Animal Welfare: While we acknowledge the importance of immediate aid like feeding animals, our primary focus is on developing long-term solutions that ensure the well-being of animals for generations to come. This includes initiatives that promote wildlife conservation, habitat protection, humane education, and advocating for policies that prioritize animal welfare in the long run. b. Environmental Stewardship: We prioritize projects that have an enduring positive impact on the environment. This involves initiatives such as reforestation, ecosystem restoration, promoting renewable energy, and supporting sustainable land management practices. By addressing the underlying causes of environmental degradation, we aim to create resilient ecosystems that can thrive well into the future. c. Empowering Communities: Our people-focused projects aim to break the cycle of poverty and enable communities to build sustainable, resilient futures. We invest in education, skill development, and community-led initiatives that foster self-reliance and long-term well-being. By tackling systemic issues, we strive to create lasting positive change in people's lives. d. Capacity Building: We believe in the power of collaboration and capacity building to drive enduring change. We work to strengthen the capabilities of local organizations, communities, and individuals, enabling them to become self-sufficient and continue making a positive impact long after our direct involvement ends. e. Advocacy and Systemic Change: Recognizing that lasting change often requires systemic shifts, we engage in advocacy efforts to influence policies, practices, and public awareness. By addressing the root causes of issues and pushing for sustainable solutions, we aim to create a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond the direct reach of our projects. At The Million Project, our primary focus is always on creating a lasting impact. While we recognize the importance of addressing immediate needs, we prioritize initiatives that have the potential to drive long-term, sustainable change. By focusing on the big picture and empowering others to become agents of change, we work towards a future where animals, nature, and people can thrive together harmoniously.
  • What is the long-term vision of The Million Project?
    By 2030, The Million Project aims to have a worldwide movement of 1 million actively engaged members who collectively improve 1 million lives globally through initiatives such as: Providing health services and infrastructure. Protecting children and youth. Combating human trafficking and exploitation. Delivering education and job training. Developing clean water solutions. Supporting environmental conservation.
  • How is The Million Project different from other non-profits?
    The Million Project stands out by fully democratizing philanthropy, allowing members to have direct control over the projects they support. This member-driven approach ensures complete transparency and maximizes the efficiency of every dollar spent.
  • What is the goal of The Million Project by 2030?
    The audacious goal of The Million Project by 2030 is to create a worldwide movement with 1 million engaged members who collectively improve 1 million lives globally through their efforts and contributions.
  • Who can join The Million Project?
    The Million Project welcomes individuals and organizations from diverse backgrounds. Our target segments include: Youth (18-30): Digitally savvy and socially conscious. Professionals (30-55): Value transparency and the ability to influence giving. Older Donors (55+): Existing charity supporters enticed by democratic processes. Corporations: Interested in sustainable giving and marketing opportunities.
  • Can I make a donation in addition to my membership fee
    Yes, you can make additional donations at any time through your membership page. These contributions will be considered part of your "direct impact" and will further support The Million Project's initiatives.
  • How can I contribute or make a donation to The Million Project?
    There are several meaningful ways to contribute to The Million Project and support our mission of creating lasting, positive change for animals, nature, and people: a. Financial Donations: You can make a direct financial contribution through our secure online donation portal on our website. We accept one-time donations as well as recurring monthly donations, which provide sustained support for our initiatives. You can also mail a check to our headquarters or donate via bank transfer. Every donation, no matter the size, helps us continue our impactful work. b. Membership: By becoming a member of The Million Project, you not only contribute financially but also join a passionate community of change-makers. Members receive exclusive updates, have the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes, and gain access to special events and resources. You can sign up for membership on our website, choosing a level that aligns with your commitment and financial ability. c. Legacy Giving: You can create a lasting legacy by including The Million Project in your estate planning. Options include bequests, charitable trusts, or naming the organization as a beneficiary of your life insurance or retirement plan. Our team can provide guidance and resources to help you explore these options and make a meaningful impact beyond your lifetime. d. Corporate Partnerships: If you own a business or have influence within your company, consider becoming a corporate partner. We collaborate with businesses that share our values and are committed to social and environmental responsibility. Corporate partnerships can involve financial support, in-kind donations, employee engagement programs, or cause marketing campaigns. e. Fundraising: You can contribute by organizing your own fundraising events or campaigns on behalf of The Million Project. This could include hosting a charity auction, running a marathon for pledges, or creating a social media fundraiser for your birthday. Our team can provide resources, guidance, and support to help you plan and execute a successful fundraiser. f. In-Kind Donations: We occasionally accept in-kind donations of goods or services that directly support our projects and operations. If you have a specific skill or resource that you believe could benefit our work, please reach out to us to discuss potential in-kind contributions. No matter how you choose to contribute, your support is invaluable to The Million Project. Your generosity enables us to continue driving positive change and creating a lasting impact for animals, nature, and people worldwide. If you have any questions or need assistance with your contribution, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team.
  • Can I propose a project for The Million Project to consider?
    Yes, members can propose new projects for consideration. These proposals are reviewed and, if deemed viable, are put up for a community vote to determine if they will be funded and implemented.
  • How can I, as a member, help guide The Million Project's decisions?
    As a member, you play a crucial role in shaping The Million Project's direction. You will have the opportunity to vote on posts and videos sent to you, helping the organization determine where and how to allocate funds and which companies to partner with to maximize the community's impact.
  • Can I give a gift membership to someone else?
    Yes, The Million Project offers the option to give a gift membership to friends, family, or loved ones. This allows you to share your commitment to the cause and inspire others to get involved. You can find information about gift memberships on the organization's website or by contacting their membership team.
  • Can I attend The Million Project's events?
    Yes, The Million Project organizes various events throughout the year, such as fundraisers, awareness campaigns, and community gatherings. As a member or supporter, you will receive invitations and updates about upcoming events. Some events may be open to the public, while others may be exclusive to members or require registration.
  • How can I get involved with The Million Project?
    There are several ways to get involved, including making donations, volunteering, participating in events and campaigns, and spreading awareness about the organization's mission.
  • Can I volunteer with The Million Project?
    Yes, The Million Project welcomes volunteers to support its mission. You can find information about volunteer opportunities on the organization's website or by contacting their volunteer coordinator.
  • What kind of volunteer opportunities are available?
    Volunteer opportunities may include assisting with events, fundraising activities, community outreach, administrative tasks, and specific projects related to animals, the environment, or people in need.
  • Can I organize a fundraising event for The Million Project?
    Yes, individuals and groups are encouraged to organize fundraising events to support The Million Project. The organization can provide resources and guidance to help you plan and execute a successful event.
  • How can I contact The Million Project?
    You can contact The Million Project through the contact information provided on their website, which may include an email address, phone number, and mailing address.
  • What is the pricing structure for membership?
    The Million Project offers several membership pricing options: $18 per month or $150 annually for standard membership. Premium tiers with additional benefits. Corporate and enterprise memberships. Opportunities for donations and partnerships.
  • How does The Million Project retain members?
    Member retention is generated through: Gamification: Engaging members with events and spotlight features. Project Updates: Providing rich content and regular updates on projects. Feedback Loop: Conducting surveys and gathering feedback to improve the member experience.
  • Does The Million Project offer educational resources?
    Yes, The Million Project provides educational resources to raise awareness about the issues it addresses and to empower individuals to take action. These resources may include blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, and webinars. You can access these resources through the organization's website and social media channels.
  • How does the voting process work?
    Members of The Million Project can ideate, vote on, and fund projects they care about most. This collective decision-making process ensures that resources are allocated efficiently and transparently to achieve sustainable impact.
  • What types of projects can members vote for?
    Members can vote for a wide range of projects within the focus areas of environmental conservation, humanitarian efforts, and social issues. Examples include reforestation initiatives, education programs, clean water projects, and public health campaigns.
  • How does The Million Project ensure the success of funded projects?
    The Million Project provides end-to-end facilitation, including sourcing ideas from the community, vetting and selecting implementation partners, overseeing execution with radical transparency, and rigorously measuring outcomes to ensure the success of funded projects.
  • Can I sponsor a specific project or initiative?
    Yes, The Million Project may offer opportunities for individuals or organizations to sponsor specific projects or initiatives. Contact the organization directly to inquire about sponsorship options.
  • Does The Million Project accept in-kind donations?
    The Million Project may accept certain types of in-kind donations, such as goods or services that align with its mission. Please reach out to the organization to discuss potential in-kind contributions.
  • How can I provide feedback or suggestions to The Million Project?
    The Million Project values feedback and suggestions from its members and supporters. You can submit your ideas or comments through the contact form on their website, by emailing them directly, or by participating in surveys or feedback sessions. The organization appreciates constructive input and strives to incorporate member perspectives into its decision-making processes.
  • What kind of impact tracking does The Million Project offer to its members?
    Members have access to a personalized dashboard that tracks the impact of their contributions and the progress of funded projects. This includes detailed reports, project updates, and transparency in how funds are utilized.
  • Are donations to The Million Project tax-deductible?
    The Million Project is currently in the process of becoming a fully recognized international non-profit organization. This process takes time and requires financial resources. During this transitional period, we are operating as a social enterprise company. As such, donations made to The Million Project may be subject to tax, depending on the laws and regulations of your country or state of residence. However, please note that our priority is to achieve full international non-profit status as soon as possible. Once we have obtained this status, donations to The Million Project may become tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law in various countries. We recommend the following: a. Consult with a qualified tax professional who is familiar with the tax laws in your country or region. They can provide personalized guidance based on your individual circumstances and the current status of The Million Project. b. Keep records of your donation, such as a receipt or acknowledgment letter from The Million Project, as this documentation may be required for tax purposes. c. Stay updated on our progress towards becoming a fully recognized international non-profit organization by following our official communications and checking our website for updates. Please note that while we strive to provide helpful information, The Million Project cannot offer specific tax advice. We recommend consulting with a qualified tax professional for the most accurate and up-to-date information relevant to your situation. If you have any further questions about the tax implications of your donation or our current status, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We appreciate your generosity and understanding as we work towards achieving our goal of becoming a fully recognized international non-profit organization.
  • How will my donation be used?
    Your donation will be used to support The Million Project's various initiatives, programs, and operational costs. The organization strives to allocate funds effectively and efficiently to maximize impact.
  • How does The Million Project measure its impact?
    The Million Project employs a variety of metrics and evaluation methods to measure its impact. These may include tracking the number of individuals, animals, and ecosystems supported, the amount of funds raised and allocated, and the long-term sustainability of their initiatives. The organization regularly reports on its impact through its website, annual reports, and other communication channels.
  • How does The Million Project ensure transparency and accountability?
    The Million Project maintains transparency by regularly reporting on its activities, financial records, and impact. It also adheres to industry best practices and undergoes audits to ensure accountability.
  • What is The Million Project's privacy policy?
    The Million Project has a comprehensive privacy policy that outlines how it collects, uses, and protects personal information. You can find the detailed privacy policy on their website.
  • What marketing strategies does The Million Project use?
    The marketing focus includes: Video and multimedia content amplified by influencers. SEO and targeted digital advertising. Co-marketing with aligned brands and non-profits. Public relations (PR) and earned media. Grassroots community building initiatives.
  • Is my personal information secure with The Million Project?
    The Million Project takes data privacy and security seriously. The organization implements robust measures to protect your personal information, such as encryption, secure servers, and strict access controls. You can find more details in their Privacy Policy.
  • Can I change my communication preferences with The Million Project?
    Yes, you have control over your communication preferences. You can update your preferences through your member account or by contacting The Million Project directly. You can choose which types of communications you wish to receive, such as newsletters, project updates, or event invitations.
  • Does The Million Project have a social media presence?
    Yes, The Million Project is active on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Following their social media accounts is a great way to stay engaged with the community, learn about upcoming events, and share the organization's mission with your network.
  • How can I stay updated on The Million Project's activities and progress
    You can stay informed by subscribing to The Million Project's newsletter, following their social media accounts, and regularly checking their website for updates and news
  • How can I learn more about The Million Project's specific initiatives?
    Detailed information about The Million Project's initiatives can be found on their website, social media channels, and through their newsletter and other communication materials.
  • How can I leave a legacy gift to The Million Project
    You can support The Million Project's long-term mission by including the organization in your estate planning. Contact The Million Project for information on legacy giving options, such as bequests or charitable trusts.
  • How can corporations get involved with The Million Project?
    Corporations can get involved through corporate memberships, sponsoring specific projects, partnering for co-marketing opportunities, and participating in our events and initiatives to promote sustainable giving.
  • Does The Million Project partner with other organizations?
    Yes, The Million Project collaborates with various partners, including non-profits, businesses, and governmental agencies, to amplify its impact and reach.
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