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Helping Hands

About TheMillionProject

The Million Project is a non-profit organization pioneering a bold new vision for effective philanthropy through collective empowerment. Our mission is to be a direct impact catalyst, making real and lasting positive changes for nature, people, and animals worldwide by facilitating high-impact projects driven by our global community of members.

Preserving Our Natural Wonders

Our Mission

Revolutionize how non-profits operate by fully democratizing philanthropy - allowing our members to ideate, vote, fund and oversee projects they care most about with complete transparency. Maximize every dollar's efficiency in achieving sustainable impact.

Our Vision

To create a worldwide movement of engaged members united in using their voices, resources and passion to measurably improve the world in the area of animals, people and nature with a common theme to reach one million. One million trees, one million fish, one million sqm new coral or one million lives? We as a direct impact community will choose the best impact across various social and environmental causes.

Our Team.

Welcome to our team! We’re a passionate group of professionals dedicated to create a worldwide impact. Together, we bring creativity, expertise, and a collaborative spirit to every project.

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